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Training of Trainers

Jul 2, 2023

Concern for the Girl Child

Training of Trainers (TOT) by Concern for the Girl Child is a three month training program on tailoring and knitting for enhancing the capacity of selected adolescent girls and child mothers. It is aimed at refining their knowledge transfer capacity and providing them with basic knowledge on the methods and training process in tailoring and knitting as master trainers, and how this can assist them in training other girls from the five Safe Spaces. Conducted at Mazzi Resource Center this training targeted 60 adolescent girls and teenage mothers to be trained in four phases of 15 each. In the first cohort 14  girls reported and completed the training. 

The specific objectives of this training are: 

  • To enhance the skills and knowledge of the adolescent girls and teenage mothers in choosing materials, tailoring, knitting, quilting, draping and stitching both by hand and machine. 

  • To provide skills in tailoring and knitting to adolescent girls and teenage mothers to generate additional income to meet their basic needs and improve their socio economic and cultural standards.  

  • To provide skills development to improve self confidence among the adolescent girls and teenage mothers 

  • To enhance the understanding of the adolescent girls and teenage mothers of the sewing and knitting machines

The selection process for identifying eligible participants for the Training of Trainers (TOT) program targeted child mothers and adolescent girls who had dropped out-of-school. Specifically, individuals aged between 16 and 20 were selected for the training program. The rationale behind this age range is to prioritize those who had limited or no prior exposure to formal expert training/education in the areas of tailoring and knitting, which formed the core focus of the comprehensive courses offered. 

In the first cohort, two trainers were selected; one for knitting and the other for tailoring. They were selected based on their levels of expertise in transferring tailoring and knitting skills, facilitation and communication skills and knowledge in knitting, hand-sewing and machining skills as well as creativity and ability to visualize designs, pattern making and cutting skills. 

The training methodology was interactive as the trainers ensured that knowledge was not only disseminated but accurately perceived and understood by the trainees.  In order to ensure this, trainers engaged participants in practical working sessions including demonstrations and question and answer sessions. Homework assignments were also given to the trainees which they always present with explanations on how they accomplished the tasks. 

“Looking at the products I have done gives me hope. I appreciate CGC and USD. You have helped me to see the future ahead of me” - Ruth, teen mother

“I am now excited that I have completed and acquired my life dream skill in knitting that I have longed for a long time. I am going to ensure that my friends get the best training in knitting from me. I know my life will never be the same. I thank God and CGC and her partners for this provision.” - Trainee

Source: Training of Trainers report- May 2023, Concern for the Girl Child

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