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Queen Elizabeth Medical Foundation receives award

Jan 18, 2024

Queen Elizabeth Medical Foundation Uganda

In October 2023, Queen Elizabeth Medical Foundation (QEMF) Uganda received an award of $1,000. The funding was to be used to support:

  1. Procurement of Mama KITS which included essential items such as maternal health supplies, clothing, diapers, and education material for pregnant teenagers.

  2. Facilitate outreach programs aimed at awareness campaigns within the community centers. Funds were to be utilized for transportation costs, venue rentals, and promotional materials.

  3. Training and education campaigns aimed at empowering pregnant teenagers with knowledge about maternal and child health.

About QEMF

Queen Elizabeth Medical Foundation (QEMF) is a Community Based Organization that has been in existence since 2018 with the mission to help the needy by adopting practical ways to root out poverty from the world through provision of health, education, and livelihood services to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). QEMF emphasizes more on the HIV infected and affected populations in communities near Queen Elizabeth National Park in the western part of Uganda with the aim of extending its services to the whole country and internationally.

Impact of funding

This awareness campaign took place within the framework of reaching adolescent girls and boys which was coordinated by QEMF in partnership with Ugandan Support from Diaspora (USD). The awareness campaign session begun by greeting participants, self introduction and the welcoming remarks from BAGAMBE JANE and AHUMUZA SHILLA the senior women teachers and representative of Matanda and Kibimbiri primary school administration and 1557 both direct and indirect beneficiaries were reached. The campaign was targeting at reaching 400 (direct beneficiaries) adolescents and A total of 310 (71%) beneficiaries/adolescent were trained. This awareness campaign was conducted from 22nd to 23rd November for Matanda primary school and 30th November to 1st December 2023 for Kibimbiri primary school.

A variety of training methods were used in each school.

  1. Methods included small group work where 20 participants in each group were engaged in discussions.

  2. Videos i.e. they watched educative videos about menstrual hygiene.

  3. Lecture method where the presentation was displayed/projected and explained very well to the participants in English which was clearly understood by the participants.

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