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Grace Villa receives award

Nov 18, 2022

Grace Villa

We are pleased to have sponsored a great cause for a second year. Grace Villa is a home and sanctuary for at-risk girls in Uganda. Located in Makanga Hill in Kabale, Grace Villa is a home to approximately 215 girls. Founded by Ruth Bahika, Grace Villa has been home to many at-risk girls for over 9 years. They will be celebrating an incredible 10-year milestone on July 16th 2023.

Grace Villa has several programs they have developed such as, education, health care, nutrition, and many others. Their eduction program supports 200+ girls from primary school, high school, through to university. The annual cost of this support amounts to $22,000. As the girls progress in their education, the cost of their eduction increases which go up by 8 times. A majority of the funds to support the education program comes from partners and donations. You support is greatly appreciated. You can make a donation to their program by clicking here.

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